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Since, I am an experienced Call Center Agent or Technical Support Representative. I just want to write this article for you, to tell you the reality of our job! Let me share to you a piece of our story, Our LIFE AS A TECHNICAL SUPPORT AGENT IN THE PHILIPPINES... Have you ever called Technical Support, and your call were being routed to somewhere in India, Philippines or other countries? You might be wondering what we are dealing with each day... Here in the Philippines, most Filipino's think that working in a Call Center is an easy money. I have heard from clueless relatives and friends that they also want to work in a Call Center, because, it's a very easy and lucrative job. They thought that you just have to sit back and relax in an air-conditioned workplace, do the talking and earn lots of money...  Sometimes, I just want to slap their face and wake them up! It doesn't mean you can speak excellent English, you already have what it takes. Here are the things that you might want to consider, before applying in a Call Center.


1. Are you willing to work in a shifting schedule? -If your answer is YES. My question is, ARE YOU SURE?! Because, when they say "shifting schedule", what they meant to say is, you would be a part time SLAVE!!! They won't care even If it is very dangerous for you to leave the house in the midnight, and walk the streets alone.  That's why, you signed the contract. So, they are expecting that you are prepared for it. In my case, If my shift starts at 3AM and ends at 12NOON, I will need to leave the house at 1AM, to avoid traffic, so I could get at the office before 3AM. Then, after 12NOON the next day, I will travel for about another 2 hours, just to get back home. That would be almost 13hours at work, including the travel time. Also, If they need people, even If it's New Year's Eve, Christmas Day or any Holiday season, you would still be required to come to work. Although, this situation do not really happen in all Call Centers here in the Philippines. It depends in your company and account. But, the reality is, most of the Technical Support jobs will require you to be present, when it's needed. Aside from it, don't forget to consider the travel time and the hazard of leaving your house at night.

2. Are you tough enough? -You would be dealing with different kinds of people, different race and nationalities. And, you will encounter, not just irate customers, but, also rude, irrational, racist, and many more. You can't stereotype, you can't tell who will you be speaking with, call after call, you have to be strong enough to face the challenges. Even, when you are calling one department to another, you might also encounter rude and racist agents. We are considered as the front-liner or the shock-absorber of the Account or Company. Fault of the other agents or departments are being thrown to us, since, we are carrying one company name. The pressure and stress would really kill you, If you don't know how to cope up with it. You also have to take care of yourself, and deal with sleep deprivation. Headache, flu, cough and bad colds are just normal sickness you could get If you would start working in graveyard shift. Paracetamol and Multi-vitamins will be your new best friends!

3. Are you willing to work in a fast paced Industry? -Since, Call Center is the fastest growing Industry in the Philippines. You have to learn how to adapt with the Call Center environment. People come and go. I have lost tons of friends, because, they couldn't maintain their metrics. We are being graded for each call we take, monthly, we get our scorecards evaluated. This actually helps us gauge If we need to find another job, or If we would get promoted, or at least, stay in our current position.

I guess, this would be enough for now. So, from now on, If someone tells you that working in a Call Center is an easy job, you now have the right to slap their faces! hehehe! Just kidding!

NOTE:  This blog is not intended to discourage any Call Center Agent wanna be! It is just a reminder of what you have to face once you get hired! Did I mention that based on the statistics, only five out of 300 applicants get hired? So, If you really want the job, then go for it!  By the way, we also get bonuses each month If we exceed our metric targets, aside from the monthly and quarterly incentives and government mandated benefits we receive!

You can search for Technical Support or Call Center jobs here in the Philippines by clicking the SMILEY Face above!

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Bam said...

I can definitely relate to this! Working in a call center is never an easy job, but if you're well compensated and you love what you're doing then it would make the job easier. :)

Jhiegzh said...

I worked as a call center agent before, yet its tough if you are not emotionally ready. Anyways, I resigned because got problems way back home and I need to summon as soon as possible. Its a coincident too that its just my 2 months working on that call center company!

isp101 said...

Hello, Bam! Thank you for dropping by! I strongly agree that If you love what you are doing and you are well compensated, it will help you make your job easier! After all, It also pays the bill! =P

isp101 said...

Hi, Jhiegzh, I've just seen your blog, and I find it really cool! I love the design, it is very personalized, no wonder why your page is soaring high! I hope we could also exchange links! Well, It would be really tough to go to work while carrying your burdens at the same time. Everything happened for a purpose! I am wishing you all the best!

Jhiegzh said...

Sure we can exchange links, but anyways whats your name? Is it isp101? Lol a bit unique though! Furthermore, thanks for the appreciation of my blog, I love your blog too, articles were very well said! I also have my self hosted blog, my .com domain, but I am not yet ready to expose it to public for I am still finding a theme and I am still thinking for a concept!

Nice meeting you here though! Call center jobs aren't that easy. Heck, to those people who keep on saying that working in a call center is an easy job because even undergraduates can apply.

isp101 said...

Well, I'm looking forward to see your new .com domain blog, just message me once you've got it finished! I'll be happy to flood you with comments, hehehe! Just don't tag me as a spammer! hehehe! Some people thinks working in a call center is just like a playground. They just don't know the struggles we face each day! My real name is John Michael DasmariƱas, friends call me JM or JoMi! Thank you for visiting my blog! =)

BPO Companies Philippines said...

I find your blog very interesting. I hope to see more of your posts.

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