Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am so thankful that my brother installed the software and gave me the code for the product activation of the KASPERSKY Internet Security 2011! He purchased the KASPERSKY Internet Security 2011 just last December 2010, and it comes with 3 licenses. He already installed it on his two computers, and he gave me the last remaining code. I still have 316days remaining, as of this writing.

A week ago, my wife had to finish her documents that she brought home. I asked her If she already checked for viruses or worms. And, she said that they have an Anti-Virus program at their office; and she already scanned for viruses before she left the office. But, when she plugged in her memory stick on our computer. KASPERSKY Internet Security 2011 immediately asked If she wants to do FULL SCAN, she clicked on it. And, to her surprise, KASPERSKY Internet Security 2011 found a WORM on her memory stick! Good thing that we have this program!


Protection Center will tell you If your Computer is Protected or Not. It comes with the following:

1. Files and Private Data Protection - It protects your documents, media and digital identity.
2. System and Applications Protection -It protects and even control your Operating System, Files and Applications on your computer.
3. Online Security -It protects your online activities, including when you are browsing websites, blog hopping, banking, online shopping, even when you are emailing and using your instant messenger.

Safe Run for Applications gives an additional layer of protection when you are running application or while you are surfing the net.

1. Safe Run for Applications -This feature allows you to run possibly harmful application on an isolated safe desktop.
2. Safe Run for Websites -This gives you an additional layer of protection when you access secured websites or websites that handle confidential data, such as banking websites and etc.
3. Virtual Keyboard- This feature Protects your passwords, banking information, personal data and more from your browsers key logs.

VIRUS SCAN - It allows you Scan your computer for the threats or presence of Viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other malicious threats. It gives you three options:

2. Run CRITICAL AREAS SCAN (scans the drive or folder where your Operating System is saved)
3. SCAN an Individual Object -This option allows you to either just drag and drop the program to scan it, or you can browse for it.

Update Center will tell you If you need to update your KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2011 or if it's up to date. You can choose either RUN UPDATE or Roll back to the previous databases.

Parental Control this gives you the power to restrict and track all access to the computer, chat, Internet resources and more, by specifying a password.

Additional Free Tools:  Rescue Disk, Privacy Cleaner, Vulnerability Scan, System Restore and Browser Configuration

I have no complaints so far with my KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2011. My brother GLENN, also has some insights with this very efficient Internet Security Software. For more information or If you want to download the 30 Day FREE TRIAL softwares, you can visit KASPERSKY's website.

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Glenn said...

hi thanks for the mention JM. ^_^ . Yes, Kaspersky simply rocks! Nice review!. I believe in no time, you will become a successful blogger.

halojin said...

Ayus ito jomi ah ^_^ nga pla sensyan a kung d ako nakadalw ah.. busy kasi lungkot eh.. hehe thnx ulit jomi

isp101 said...

@GLENN... Tnx B! You're the BEST! Hehehe!
@JON2X a.k.a. Halojin, I understand, i hope you're ok now! God bless! =)

Semidoppel said...

Di kaya ng notebook ko yan hehe, NOD32 Business Edition gmit ko ok naman.Author post ka din about dun sa latest Androi phone ng SMART hehe astig un. I featured it on my site

isp101 said...

Hello, JAM! a.k.a. Semidoppel! I've just visited your site, It looks very cool! I've added you on my Blog Rolls, HAPPY BLOGGING! =)

Nonoy said...

Wow , Kaspersky is a good anti virus program. The company I had worked with sells kaspersky software: Ng Khai Development Corporation. I recommend Kaspersky to all PC owners.

Lulu said...

hi JM you have nice post.. favor po pls pa-add naman ako sa BlogRolls mo po... add na rin kita.. Salamat po

Anonymous said...

I found solution for KIS 2011 without any viruses,trojan horses etc.I use it myself almost three months,
Working on the Key File Method ,which are continously up to date.
Here we go: (Download is in Description)


Enjoy!!! Hope i helped

lulu said...

Ako gamit ko ay AVG free edition lang heheheh can't afford pa eh

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -Tnx for the info!

@email encryption service -I strongly agree!

@Lulu -You can download the FREE 30 Day Trial of Kaspersky, by clicking the link I posted on top. Cheers! =)

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