Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is the most often sentence we hear from our customers each time we take in calls. I CAN'T GET ONLINE!!! But, before you even start calling or yelling at your Technical Support Representative. You might want to ask yourself the following questions below. Wasting your time, getting upset will just add wrinkles in your face. You don't have to be a genius to know and understand the basic things in life. All you have to do is calm down, take a deep breath, and consider the things that I'll tell you below. This might help, these are the things that you might forgot to check. So, let's cut the crap, here we go!


Don't be upset, face the mirror and ask the things below to yourself, especially, if you don't wanna look stupid at the end of your conversation with your helpful technical support or customer service representative on the phone...
  1. Have I payed the bill? -Don't be an idiot! Make sure that you still have the money in the bank or you were able to send the check ON-TIME or before the cut-off period. Because, some Internet Service Provider, will just automatically either suspend or disconnect your account without prior notice.
  2. Have I even tried checking first If my computer is ON? -Are you dead SERIOUS?! Even, the most dumbest person knows that If the computer is not even ON, he would not be able to get online. If your computer is ON, and you can't get online, try to do some basic troubleshooting steps, such as, checking the cables if they are all properly seated, turning off your modem, router and computers then rebooting it, and etc. This might help saving your time and wasting your time dealing with the annoying automated system.
  3. Am I at home? -If you are not at the location where your modem is installed. What you have to understand is, there would be limited things your Internet Technical Support would be able to give you. They might be able to check If you are not affected by the outage. Or, they could tell you if your account is suspended or disconnected due to non-pay. But, they won't be able to walk you through on some steps! So, don't be ridiculous, especially, if you're in  a car. If you are not at home, and you have somebody who could do the steps for you, ask your Internet service Technical Support Representative to call your family or loved ones, so, they could fix your Internet related concern. 
  4. Do I really need help?! -You are the ONLY person in the world who could answer this. You know your capabilities and skills. If you can fix something by yourself, then, do it. Now, If you think, that you have done your part, and, everything still fail. Then, call your Technical Support hotline. Don't be an ass, let them do their job. It would be a lot easier, If you would co-operate.Don't boast yourself, even If you have A++, CISCO or MICROSOFT certifications, or, you are an IT guy, because, with the tool they have, they will be able to tell you if you are just affected by a NETWORK OUTAGE or you just forget to pay your bill. 

The following tips above, will not just save your time, It will also, prevent you from looking stupid! Peace!

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