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If you find your Internet speed running slow or as If it's just like crawling, or, you just simply want to know If you are getting what you signed up for, then, this article is for you! There are few things that you have to check first, before you start complaining, make sure that you know what you are talking about, before calling your ISP help desk. Learn the basics on, HOW TO CHECK MY INTERNET SPEED, read the whole article, this might save your time. I hope this helps...

  1. What Internet speed package do I have? -Get your bill, and check the kind of package you are paying for, if you are not sure where to find it, feel free to call your Internet service customer hotline, have your bill ready for verification purposes. Ask them what kind of speed package you signed up for..
  2. What Is my Download and Upload speed? -Once, you know the type of package you signed up for, make sure that you ask them what is your provisioned Download and Upload speed. Don't forget to grab a pen and paper then, write it down, and ask them If they are giving you the numbers in Megabytes per seconds (.MBPS) or Kilobytes per seconds (KBPS).
  3. Where can I check my Internet speed? -There are websites that you could use to get your Download and Upload speed. Of course, you want to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. Ex.,, and, etc. If you see that your speed Is below than what you should be getting. It is always best to check first your cables and filters, try to restart your modem, router and computers, then, try going back to the websites where you could check your speed. If you have multiple computers, try it on a different computer, to eliminate the possibility that this could be just happening on a specific computer. Last but not the least, If you are still getting the same results, then, call your Technical Support Hotline. They will be able to tell you If they see problems on your line. Or, if this is just a glitch on their servers. And, hopefully, you will be able to get what you are paying for!
Checking your Internet Speed is so important. And, now that you know HOW TO CHECK YOUR INTERNET SPEED, you might also wanna check out the article I wrote about, "HOW TO CHECK IF MY MODEM IS ON BRIDGE OR PPPoE?"

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